Clash of Clans Beginner’s Guide

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Clash of Clans is already a popular mobile game, and now that a lot of new players are joining from PC, we thought now was the right time to bring you our beginner’s guide to Clash of Clans.

From now on, throughout the guide, let us refer to Clash of Clans by its acronym “CoC,” as it is a widely used term among the community.

The main objective when it comes to CoC is to build your base and defend it from enemy players and other forces; attack and loot other villages and bases. Failing to protect your town hall will make you lose the game.

Let’s learn about the basics of Clash of Clans, starting with buildings.

Buildings are structures in your village that you build and upgrade. There are four types of buildings in Clash of Clans.

Defensive Buildings

As the name suggests, these are the structures that will help you defend your base. There are a lot of buildings that fall into this category, like cannons, archer towers, X-bows, and many more.

When you first start the game, your first defensive building is the cannon. It is a stationary structure capable of dealing massive damage to ground units. Cannons cannot defend against air units; you will need buildings like the Air Sweeper, which you will be unlocking later on.

Resource Buildings

Town Hall, Gold Mine, Elixir Collector, and Storage Units are part of the resource buildings. These are buildings you build across your village to collect resources like gold and elixir. These resources will further assist you in building and upgrading troops, defensive and army buildings, etc.

Gems are another important resource in the game. Gems are in-game currency and can be used to advance your villages. Every player will start with 500 gems. You can earn more gems by completing achievements and clearing obstacles.

Army Buildings

These are the buildings that will assist you in attacking goblin bases and other villages. You can train troops, like barbarians and archers, in the barracks and send them to attack when the time is right. Buildings like blacksmiths and laboratories that help you upgrade your troops are also part of the Army Buildings.

Other Buildings

Decorative items like torches, statues, flags, or obstacles like trees and tree trunks are boats that connect your village to the builder base and are all part of the other buildings.

When you first start CoC, you will be prompted with a tutorial. Finishing it will give you a decent idea about the game and its objectives.

Keep in mind that during the tutorial, you will be required to spend half of your gems; however, gems must be used efficiently from here on as they help you progress through the game much more easily. To buy Clash of Clans gems for the best price, visit U7BUY now.


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