Forteen Or Fourteen Which One Is Correct? 2023

Have you ever wondered how to spell the number between thirteen and fifteen? We frequently use this number, yet it’s simple to overlook the proper spelling. Is it “Forteen or Fourteen”? The answer to this frequently asked issue, and the reasons why using the right spelling in your writing is crucial will be covered in this article. So let’s get started and end the discussion for good!

Forteen Or Fourteen

What Is The Correct Spelling?

The number between thirteen and fifteen should be spelled “fourteen.” This is the accepted spelling in English and has been for many years.

Origin Of The Word

The Old English term “feowertēne,” which means “four and ten,” is where the name “fourteen” originates. The term’s spelling has changed to become what it is now.

Common Spelling Errors

The word “fourteen” is still frequently misspelled despite its lengthy history and widespread usage. The most typical wrong spelling is “forteen,” which is rather prevalent. The words “fourteen” and “fourtneen” are also frequently misspelled.

Why Is “Forteen” Incorrect?

Forteen is not the correct spelling of a number between 13 and 15. The similarity in pronunciation between “four” and “for” and “teen” and “teen” may account for this mistake. To avoid confusion and promote clear communication, it is crucial to use the proper spelling.

Using “Fourteen” In Writing

It’s critical to spell “fourteen” correctly while writing. The wrong spelling might give your writing a casual or unprofessional appearance. Additionally, if you’re writing for SEO, utilizing the proper spelling might raise the position of your article in search results.


Q: Is the number between thirteen and fifteen properly spelled as “forteen”?

A: The number is not spelled “forteen” correctly. The word should be spelled “fourteen.”

Q: Why do some people misspell “fourteen” as “forteen”?

A: It’s probable that the spelling error results from the similarity between the sounds of “four” and “for” and “teen” and “teen.” To promote effective communication, it’s crucial to utilize the right spelling.

Q: What is the origin of the word “fourteen”?

A: The Old English term “feowertēne,” which means “four and ten,” is where the name “fourteen” originates. The term’s spelling has changed to become what it is now.

Q: Are there other popular ways to spell “fourteen” incorrectly?

A: “fourteen” and “fourtneen” are frequently misspelled. But it’s crucial to aim for accuracy in your writing and, whenever possible, use the right spelling.


The exact spelling of “fourteen” must be used to guarantee clear communication and prevent misunderstandings, even though the misspelling of “forteen” may seem like a minor error.

Using the proper spelling, you can improve the professionalism of your writing and raise the visibility of your material on search engines.

Now it’s clear about the right and wrong spelling of word fourteen. Will you attempt to spell things correctly in your work, or will you keep using the incorrect spelling?

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