STR Full Form And What Its Means? 2023

Depending on the industry or language, “STR” has several full forms. It stands for “Short Tandem Repeats” or “Simple Sequence Repeats” in biology and STR full form is “Special Tax Regime” or “Securities Transaction Tax” in finance and economics. It could be a “Software Test Report” or “Streaming Text Oriented Messaging Protocol” regarding technology and computers.

Similarly, it can stand for “Search, Trial, and Retention” or “Special Temporary Authority” in law and criminal justice. STR’s entire form can change significantly depending on the language and circumstance.

STR Full Form

Depending on the field or language, the acronym “STR” might take on various full forms. These are a few of them:

STR In Biology/Genetics:

STR In Biology/Genetics

Short Tandem Repeats

Simple Sequence Repeats

STR In Finance/Economics:

STR In Finance/Economics

Special Tax Regime

Short Term Rate

STR In Technology/Computing:

Software Test Report

Software Test Requirement


STR In Law/Criminal Justice:

Search, Trial, and Retention

Short Time Retention

STR In Music:

Short Term Rental

Studio to Rent


STR In Languages:

ستر (Arabic) means “screen” or “veil.”

ストリート (Japanese) means “street.”

사탕 줄 (Korean) means “candy stripe.”


The full form of the abbreviation “STR” can vary based on the context or language. “STR” can represent various phrases or concepts from biology to economics, technology to law, and even music.

To ascertain its precise meaning, it is crucial to comprehend the setting and industry it is utilized in.

Knowing the full form of STR can aid in more effective communication, whether it is employed as “Short Tandem Repeats” in genetics, “Special Tax Regime” in finance, or “Software Test Report” in technology.