5 Best EV Charging App Features

As sales of electric vehicles continue to increase, EV charging apps are becoming an indispensable piece of equipment for home EV charging solutions. Today, many EV charger companies develop their own EV charger apps or partner with companies that offer cloud development and apps. These apps not only provide real-time information about EV charging stations, but also have a range of powerful features to enhance the user’s charging experience. In this blog, we’ll explore five of the best EV charging app features, revealing how they make EV charging easier, more efficient, and smarter.

Real-time charging station maps and information

The first great EV charging app feature is to provide real-time charging station maps and details. This feature allows users to find the nearest commercial EV charging station and get detailed information about EV charging posts, such as location, charging speed, charging cost, etc., anytime, anywhere. With the real-time map, users can plan their charging routes to ensure that they can quickly find an available charging station when they need it.

Reservation and remote start charging

Some advanced EV charging apps allow users to reserve a charging station in advance, ensuring that there is an available charging device when they arrive. What’s more, some apps support remote initiation of the charging process, allowing users to start charging directly upon arrival at the charging station without having to wait. Such features greatly improve the efficiency of charging for users, especially during peak hours or when charging station resources are tight. Reservation and remote start charging are also becoming indispensable features for home EV chargers.

For home EV charging solutions, it is important to provide users with convenient charging services. As a result, reservation and remote start charging features have become the highlight of many home EV chargers. Users only need to set the desired charging time, such as off-peak hours at night, which not only saves electricity costs but also solves the problem of forgetting to charge.

Real-time monitoring of the charging process

The third best feature is the real-time monitoring of the charging process. Through the app, users can remotely monitor the vehicle’s charging status, battery health, and charging speed. This real-time monitoring allows users to keep track of the charging progress, plan their time effectively, and retrieve the vehicle in time when charging is complete. In addition, many smart apps have a fault alert function, which makes it easy to detect malfunctioning EV chargers in time.

Cost transparency and payment features

Many EV charging apps offer cost transparency and convenient payment features. Users can clearly view the cost of charging in the app without having to wait for the bill to arrive. Meanwhile, payment features allow users to pay for charging directly through the app, improving the overall charging experience.

User reviews and feedback

EV charging apps typically allow users to rate and leave comments on charging stations. This community feedback mechanism allows users to share their charging experience and help other users to better choose a charging station that suits their needs. This also motivates charging stations to provide higher quality services, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Joint smart EV chargers for a better charging experience

As the industry leader in EV charging, Joint is committed to providing users with smarter EV charging solutions, and Joint’s smart EV chargers work seamlessly with the app to provide users with a one-stop charging service. Users can monitor the charging status in real-time, activate charging remotely, book a charging station, and pay fees conveniently through the app. Joint is committed to continuously improving the user experience and integrating smart technology into the charging process, creating a more convenient, efficient, and intelligent charging life for users.


With the booming of the electric vehicle industry, the intelligence of charging facilities and services has become a key factor in driving the industry’s progress. EV charging apps provide electric vehicle users with a more convenient and efficient charging experience by providing real-time information, remote operation, fee transparency, user feedback, and other various functions. As a professional EV charging equipment provider, Join creates a new way of charging for users with its smart EV chargers and advanced apps. In the future, with the innovation of technology, Join will bring more intelligent charging solutions and more convenient and comfortable electric travel experience to users.

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