6 Reasons To Get A Metal NFC Business Card Now!

Networking is a big thing today. If you have a business, letting others know about it is crucial. Business cards are a great way to reach clients and prospective business partners. 

Statistics say that for every 2000 business cards you distribute, you can boost sales by up to 2.5%. However, paper-based cards are now a thing of the past, so it’s time to move on to metal-based business cards! 

So come on, let’s check out some of the important reasons why you must move to metal NFC business cards as soon as possible!

Understanding Metal NFC Business Card

A metal NFC (Near-field communication) business card has a digital chip. When the receiver of the card taps it against their smartphone, the data will instantly get transferred there. 

Since most modern phones are equipped with NFC readers, almost anyone can access the details on the business card simply through a tap.

1. Metal business cards look more stylish

Sure, paper business cards look great. But if you truly want to make a good impression on an important client or partner, you’d want your cards to look the best, right? 

And metal business cards are perfect for that! Not only do they look more sleek and stylish, but they also lend an air of sophistication to the business. 

Moreover, paper business cards can get soggy or damaged quite easily, something that metal cards are resistant to. 

If you wish to build a great first impression on someone, they must tap the card on their phone and receive all the information they want!

2. They accommodate a lot of information

Another great advantage of metal NFC business cards is that they can store much more information than their traditional paper counterparts. 

For example, a conventional business card can only hold the name of your business, its address, contact details, and maybe a tagline or two. 

But its digital NFC chip will store as much information as you want regarding a metal business card. 

Even if the card contains basic information, the receiver can simply tap it on their phone and visit your website or any other link to get a full picture of your business.

3. They help you maintain contact

One major flaw of paper business cards is that people easily throw them away or misplace them. 

But if you give someone a metal NFC card, they’re much less likely to forget about it simply because of the great first impression that it makes. 

These smart cards allow the receiver to quickly store the business details of the owner, along with any other important information they might need. 

As a result, your client or business partner won’t have to go through the tedious process of manually entering contact details or searching for your store on Google.

4. They facilitate instant connection

Metal-based NFC business cards aren’t just meant to share business details. They can do so much more than that, such as facilitating instant payments, identification, digital ticketing, and other digital controls. 

Any digital communication requiring near-field connection can be easily done through these business cards. 

Moreover, these cards don’t require any external power source, Wifi or LTE connection, or charging points. So you can carry them wherever you go without constantly worrying about how you’ll share information with others!

5. They are environment friendly

Paper business cards are not only difficult to carry around, but they also pose a threat to the environment. 

Did you know that over 1.4 billion trees are depleted yearly to produce paper business cards? For 1 ton of paper, around 23 trees are cut. 

On the other hand, NFC cards are an eco-friendly solution that doesn’t require reprinting business cards. They will efficiently reduce the carbon footprint that your business generates, making a strong impression on your customers.

6. They come in unlimited designs

Even though conventional business cards can be designed according to your wish, metal ones have a much wider option. NFC business cards will give you unparalleled flexibility and customization choices. 

Traditional business cards are also limited to paper dimensions and quality of paper, something that you won’t have to worry about when it comes to metal NFC cards. 

For example, if you run a bakery shop, you can go for a cute metal card with bubbly designs, whereas if you have a law firm, you can design it in minimalist colors and shapes.


Dear reader, you must switch from conventional and boring business cards to metal NFC ones for many reasons! So don’t wait anymore. Contact your nearest card design maker today!

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