A Future Powered By the Sun: the Hottest States Push tor Solar Power

With a few exceptions, the majority of solar power growth continues in the southern and western states with the most abundant sunshine. These states include California, Florida, Texas, Arizona and Nevada. Ample days of sunny weather mean solar panels can produce more electricity and bring more benefits to homeowners and businesses. Florida, the Sunshine State, with professional solar installers Orlando and other cities, continues to offer strong opportunities.

Solar Potential in Orlando

This well-known city in central Florida receives about 233 sunny days a year, which exceeds the natural average by about 28 days. This makes it a great place for solar power installations. Homeowners can be sure to get a good return on their investment. Making the deal even more appealing, several tax incentives could significantly lower the final cost of installation. The potential benefits of a solar power installation include the following:

  • The elimination of electrical bills
  • An increase in the value of a home or business
  • Minimal maintenance costs
  • A decrease in greenhouse gas emissions

With solar panels Florida, property owners can take advantage of the power of the sun. They will still have to navigate the upfront costs of an installation, and the actual expenses will vary from property to property. Also, some properties will see limited benefits from solar due to location, tree cover and other variables. The first step toward solar involves contacting a reputable contractor who will visit the property and work up a quote.

Over time a solar installation in the right place with the best technology will pay for itself. This could take many years, however. Once the investment pays off, the homeowner or business owner will likely receive free electricity for many years.

Clean and Renewable Energy

Individuals sometimes have a confused notion about solar power. They think that because a solar installation uses materials and requires labor and the use of fossil fuels it is not a superior energy source. The fact is that all energy sources use materials, but solar power has strong advantages because once it is in place it generates clean and renewable energy.

Solar power does not put forth a steady stream of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It does not pollute the atmosphere with particulates or harmful chemicals. For these reasons, solar power installations will continue to grow, especially in those states that have warm temperatures and many sunny days each year.

Solar companies Charlotte NC will continue to offer affordable options for homeowners and business owners who desire solar power. As in other locales, the process follows a simple path. A homeowner contacts the contractor for a quote. The contractor visits the property and offers options for installing solar panels. Part of the discussion includes the availability of tax incentives and industry rebates and financing.  

The potential for solar power varies from state to state and from property to property. Homeowners should make an informed decision on whether or not a solar installation makes sense. In optimal circumstances, solar power has many benefits in terms of finances and the environment.


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