How to renew your expired passport in five easy steps 

Renewing an expired passport is an important step for travelers. People who are planning to visit the USA from Saudi Arabia need to take care of their passports by considering their date of expiration. It is very important to seek proper guidance throughout the process. Passport renewal can be a challenging process and sometimes creates stressful situations for applicants. Immigration consultants in Dammam can help the applicant by guiding them throughout the process. They can provide proper assistance in renewing your expired passport. It overall ensures immigration’s desired destination. There are important steps to follow for your passport renewal. 

  1. Check the passport expiry date 

First of all, the applicant must understand the expiry date of the passport and eligibility. This is the beginning step of the renewal process. Most of the countries need at least six months of validity of your passport. This passport can be valid for a specific time period for international travel. If you want to have a USA visit visa from Saudi Arabia, then always check the expiry date of your passport. It ensures your eligibility for passport renewal. Most adult can renew their passport by email.

  1. Get the required documents

It is very important to confirm your eligibility criteria. The process requires original documents for further processing. This process mostly includes the documentation of the passport application form. The applicant needs to fill out the reason and important information in this application form. Attach recent passport-size photographs. It must meet the official requirements. Candidates are also required to provide the original expired passport along with the renewable fee payment. Hence, a person can be eligible for further renewal.

  1. Complete the application form 

Fill out the important information in the passport renewal application. Always provide correct information for a successful process. In the case of the USA visit visa, ensure all of the information is up-to-date and matches your correct details. All the information also mentioned in your previous passport can be effective in avoiding any inconvenience in the future.

  1. Submit the application with payment. 

Whenever you are done with the application form, it’s time to submit it along with the fee. Assemble all the important documents, and submit them along with the renewal application. If you want to renew your visit visa from South Arabia to the USA, then the applicant must choose the relevant package and get the information about the renewal fee. You can submit the fee along with the application. The visa fee may fluctuate depending upon different factors. These factors may be processing time and the services.

  1. Application of status

After submitting all of your information, it is time to wait for a new passport. You can also track its status online by using the provided tracking number. This processing time can vary depending on your application type. It can take several weeks up to a month. Sometimes, the processing time can be shorter when you have to pay additional fees. 


Immigration consultants understand the process of passport renewal. People who are interested in coming to travel USA from Saudi Arabia need to prepare all of the documents. If they need to renew their visa passport, then it is important to understand the complete process. Always remember to start the revenue process before applying for any visa type. It will ensure your smooth and enjoyable trip to the USA.


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