IFR Suit Full Form 2023

Safety is crucial in oil & gas, petrochemical, and power generating, and these industries have substantial fire dangers that’s why safety equipment is essential. IFR suit full form is an Inherent Flame Retardant suit, a crucial safety gear for these workers.

IFR Suit Full Form

Inherent Flame Retardant

IFR Suit Uses

IFR suits guard against heat, flames, and arc flashes. They don’t need fireproofing because they’re composed of flame-retardant textiles. IFR suits protect employees in welding, cutting, and other high-heat tasks.

IFR Suit Price In India

The material, size, and manufacturer determine the pricing of an IFR suit in India. An IFR suit in India typically costs INR 5,000–20,000.

IFR Suit Specification

IFR suits meet regulatory safety requirements. These standards set the minimum suit requirements for worker protection. IFR suits have several significant features:

It must be flame-resistant.

The suit needs an 8 cal/cm2 arc rating.

The suit must defend against heat, flames, and arc flashes.

The suit must be comfy for long wear.

Suit Reliance

Oil, gas, petrochemical, and power generation personnel wear IFR suits. These industries are prone to fires; thus, workers must wear IFR suits to stay safe. These industries use IFR suites to protect workers.

Suit Material

IFR suits use flame-retardant materials. Meta-aramid, para-aramid, and modacrylic fibers make these fabrics. Fire and heat-resistant fibers have a distinct chemical structures. These fibers with viscose and elastane make the IFR suit comfortable for long durations.


High-risk workers need IFR suits and Flame-retardant textiles to protect the suit from heat, flames, and arc flashes. Indian IFR suits cost between INR 5,000 and INR 20,000 and must meet regulatory safety criteria. High-risk industries use IFR suites to protect their personnel.