SRMB Full Form 2023

SRMB is India’s largest steel manufacturer. Since 1951, the company has made high-quality steel items. SRMB full form is Steel Rolling Mills of Bengal Limited and, based in Kolkata, West Bengal, has manufacturing operations in Durgapur, West Bengal, and TMT bars rolling mills in other sites in the Eastern and North-Eastern areas of India.

SRMB Full Form

Steel Rolling Mills of Bengal Limited

Historical Development

Mr. Brij Mohan Beriwala started SRMB in 1951. Mild steel flats and rounds for building started the company. Over time, the company expanded its product line to include TMT bars, a signature product. SRMB, India’s largest TMT bar maker, produces 1.5 million tons annually.

SRMB Net Worth

SRMB’s net worth is unknown as of 2021. The company’s financial statements show it’s been prosperous and increasing for years.

SRMB’s income was INR 4,000 crores (roughly USD 550 million) in 2019-20, and it plans to continue growing. SRMB is a financially secure and successful Indian steel manufacturer.

SRMB Steel Owner

Ownership of SRMB Steel is private. Since 1951, the Beriwala family has controlled the company, founded by Mr. Brij Mohan Beriwala. SRMB Managing Director S.K. Patwari runs the company. Individual or corporation ownership structure and share percentages are not publicly disclosed.

SRMB Steel Director

The Board of Directors of Steel Rolling Mills of Bengal Limited (SRMB) manages and directs the corporation. Current SRMB Board of Directors:

Mr. S.K. Patwari (Managing Director)

Mr. S. P. Roy (Director)

Mr. B. P. Beriwala (Director)

Mr. P. R. Beriwala (Director)

Mr. R. P. Agarwal (Director)

Mr. S. K. Sonthalia (Director)

Mr. P. K. Khaitan (Director)

Mr. V. K. Jain (Director)

SRMB’s Managing Director is Mr. S.K. Patwari. Other directors have finance, operational, and governance experience. The SRMB Board of Directors guarantees that the firm runs efficiently, follows the highest corporate governance standards, and focuses on long-term growth and success.

Product Range

SRMB sells TMT bars, pipes, and wires. High-rise buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure projects benefit from the company’s TMT bars’ strength and durability. Construction, agriculture, and automotive use SRMB’s high-quality steel pipes and wires.

Quality Control

SRMB produces international-standard steel products. The Quality Assurance team tests and inspects all items throughout the manufacturing process. SRMB’s TMT bars are tested for strength, flexibility, ultrasonic, and eddy current flaws.

Sustainable Environment

SRMB is committed to sustainable development and has adopted many environmental steps. The organization uses waste heat recovery systems and energy-efficient lighting. SRMB’s production units recycle all wastewater and solid waste and have a zero-discharge policy.

Social Responsibility

SRMB supports poor communities with education, healthcare, and employment. The company operates various schools, hospitals, and vocational training institutes. Inclusion and sustainable development are SRMB’s CSR goals.


SRMB is a renowned Indian steel manufacturer noted for its high-quality products, sustainability, and social responsibility.

The company can meet infrastructure and building steel demand in Eastern and North-Eastern India due to its significant presence there. Innovation, quality, and sustainability will drive SRMB’s future growth.