Key Twitch Usage and Revenue Metrics 2024

Justin Kan started Twitch in 2011 as a spin-off of It began with the unique idea of “life casting,” which meant showing Kan’s daily life. 

A relaunch in 2007 let users make channels and share their content, but users’ interests changed to sharing their own lives.

Although Twitch didn’t initially prioritize gaming, it became so as more and more users expressed a strong desire to stream video games. This resulted in the development of, which closed in 2014 after eventually surpassing in popularity.

Notably, ESPN’s cover featured Ninja, and other Twitch broadcasters received a lot of attention. The website expanded into a massive hub for e-sports competitions, drawing hundreds of thousands of concurrent viewers and offering millions of dollars in prize money.

To find out more, please examine the Twitch statistics and figures below.

1. Twitch’s $2.8 Billion Revenue

Twitch made an astounding $2.8 billion in 2022, demonstrating both the site’s financial success and the potential for large earnings for content creators. This astounding figure demonstrates how effectively Twitch’s revenue sources—ads, payments, and virtual goods—function. 

In order to secure long-term success, aspiring streamers can benefit from this financial ecosystem by producing engaging content, drawing in sponsors, and figuring out various revenue streams.

2. 2.58 Million Concurrent Viewers

The fact that 2.58 million people used Twitch at the same time in 2022 proves that it is a formidable competitor in the live streaming market. Thanks to this number, producers have a great chance to reach more people with their shows.

Creators may grow their audience and potentially secure partnerships and sponsorships by producing material that appeals to a diverse variety of viewers. This also helps to foster a strong community around the creator’s channel.

3. 7.6 Million Monthly Streaming Users 

7.6 million people use Twitch every month to stream, which means that the site has a thriving community of content creators. If you want to join the ranks, you need to make content that is unique, steady, interesting, and stands out. 

It’s important to work together and make connections in this active Twitch community. This gives potential streamers a chance to get more attention, gain followers, and find useful partnerships in this changing environment.

4. 22.4 Billion Hours Consumed

In 2022, people watched an amazing 22.4 billion hours of video on Twitch. This shows how influential and involved the platform is with its users. If content creators want to be successful, they should focus on making content that is both entertaining and interactive in order to keep people interested and bring them back. 

Marketers are also interested in Twitch because it has so many viewers. Content creators can get sponsorships and work with marketers to reach the platform’s huge audience, which is good for everyone.


According to Twitch’s usage and revenue numbers from 2024, the website is thriving and popular with many people. The striking financial figures demonstrate that content creators can earn a substantial income by pursuing several revenue streams. 

Due to its massive user base and strong levels of engagement, Twitch is a major participant in the live-streaming industry. As the platform keeps changing, content creators can take advantage of this ever-changing environment to help growth through interesting content and smart relationships in the huge Twitch community.


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