Kitchen Cuisine Menu & Prices 2024

Please welcome our Kitchen Cuisine Menu, where every item is lovingly made with care. Our menu celebrates culinary diversity with a mouthwatering array of entrees to satisfy every taste.

Begin your culinary adventure with our appetisers, which include crisp spring rolls filled with flavorful contents and light salads dressed with colorful dressings.


A lasting impression is created by the varied and carefully designed options on the Kitchen Cuisine menu. A love for culinary perfection is evident in every dish, from flavor-filled appetizers to main courses that harmoniously combine classic and modern recipes.

Its inventive and thoughtful approach to accommodating a wide range of dietary requirements is what makes the menu unique. Offering decadent sweets and cool choices, the dessert selection is a pleasant finish.

All things considered, the menu entices customers to partake in a culinary adventure that leaves them with pleasing memories.

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Kitchen Cuisine Menu Availability

  • Frozen Snacks & Meat
  • Luxury Cakes
  • Bakery Items
  • Cheese Cakes
  • Regular Cake
  • Ice Cream Cakes
  • Sandwiches Cakes
  • Desserts

Frozen Snacks & Meat

Smoked Roast Beef690
Smoked Hunter Beef990
Smoked Roast Chicken590
Beef Shami Kebab690

Luxury Cakes

Kit kat Chocolate Cream Cake3150

Bakery Items

Chicken Roll
Spinach Patties190
Chicken Roll150
Chicken Patties150
Veggi Patties150

Cheese Cakes

Cheese Cake
Chocolate Cheesecake2950
Lemon Cheesecake2250
Strawbeery Cheesecake2650
Bluberry Chessecake2950

Regular Cake

Kitchen Cuisine Cakes
Chocolate Fudge Cake2850
Dark Chocolate Devils Cake2850
Speckled Cake2650
Double Chocolate Fudge Cake2850

Ice Cream Cakes

Chocolate Fudge Cake
Pinacolada Icecream Log2950
Chocolate Chip Icecream2950
Praline Icecream2950

Sandwiches Cakes

Sandwich Cake by Kitchen Cuisine
Bran Chicken Sandwich350


Cream Roll190
Red Valvet Cake290
Fudge Cupcake230
Fudge Delight Pastary350

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Snacks: An Introduction to Taste

A mouthwatering assortment of appetisers intended to stimulate the senses opens the Kitchen Cuisine menu. The scene is set for an unforgettable meal with crispy spring rolls stuffed with savory goodness, brightly colored salads, and fragrant soups that are cooked to perfection.

Mains: A Flavor Symphony

Explore the menu’s core selections, which include a wide range of major courses that artfully combine classic and contemporary cooking techniques.

A mouthwatering culinary adventure awaits you with succulent steaks grilled to perfection, fragrant curries brimming with rich spices, and inventive plant-based dishes that satisfy every palate.

Delicious and Inventive Vegetarian Food

Vegetarians can find a veritable rainbow of delicious plant-based options on the Kitchen Cuisine
menu. Each dish showcases a dedication to culinary inventiveness and nourishment, ranging from garden-fresh salads and hearty vegetable stews to creative meat alternatives made with care.

Seafood Delights: Ocean-sourced Freshness

The menu’s seafood section is a seafood lover’s paradise, with meals that showcase the ocean’s delicate flavors and freshness. Every mouthful is an ode to nautical decadence, from grilled fish fillets to seafood paellas filled to the brim with seafood riches.


In Conclusion, the Kitchen Cuisine menu is a gastronomic marvel that provides a pleasant fusion of tastes, inventiveness, and culinary brilliance.

With a menu that suits every taste and desire, you may have a culinary adventure with every mouthful, whether you’re a seasoned food connoisseur or an adventurous diner.

Frequently Asked Question About Kitchen Cuisine Menu

  1. Are there vegetarian options available on the Kitchen Cuisine menu? Yes, the Kitchen Cuisine menu offers a wide range of vegetarian options. From salads and soups to flavorful plant-based mains, there are plenty of delicious choices for vegetarian diners.
  2. Do you offer gluten-free or allergen-friendly dishes? Yes, we understand the importance of catering to dietary restrictions and allergies. Please inform your server about any dietary concerns, and we’ll ensure a safe and enjoyable dining experience.
  3. What are some signature dishes or must-try items on the menu? Our menu features several signature dishes that are highly recommended. Some popular choices include our succulent steaks, aromatic curries, seafood specials, and indulgent desserts. We also have seasonal specials that highlight fresh, seasonal ingredients for a unique dining experience.
  4. Can I customize my order or make special requests? Absolutely! We strive to accommodate our guests’ preferences and special requests whenever possible. Whether you need a dish modified to be vegan, extra spicy, or have specific ingredient preferences, our kitchen is happy to tailor your order to suit your taste.
  5. Do you offer a children’s menu or options for kids? Yes, we have a children’s menu with kid-friendly options that are sure to please young diners. From simple and tasty dishes like pasta and chicken tenders to healthier choices like grilled vegetables and fruit plates, we aim to make dining enjoyable for the whole family.
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