List of Open Source Projects to Contribute to for Beginners

Are you new to the open-source world? Wondering how to start and what to choose for your first contribution? Well! We can say that open source is kind of a global collaboration project that allows people from different parts of the world to improve their skills and work on something interesting. If you are ready to jump right into the open source world, learn new things, and work together with some very talented people here is your place!

This article is your key to opening the door to some marvelous Open Source projects covering different fields. Whatever it is that makes you an enthusiastic web creator, AI expert, OS researcher, or anything else we’ve got a project to match your interest and abilities. Welcome to the world of knowledge and teamwork! So let’s check out some top projects that beginners can easily use…

Top 7 Open Source Projects to Contribute to for Beginners

Here we are sharing some very basic and easy-to-use Open Source Projects with you! If you are a beginner these projects would be perfect for you. These all projects are easily available in the Open Source Collection. So visit the site for more such project ideas!

Activity Watch System:

Dive into the world of ActivityWatch, a Python project that is simple to use and customize. The main goal is simple: collect valuable life information without invading your privacy. It does this by creating an app that allows you to safely store data on your own device. Finally, the current application in focus and the title of its window are recorded by ‘ActivityWatch’, along with active browser tab details (title and URL), and keyboard/mouse activity to determine if you’re away from the computer. You can choose how much data you wish to collect, and the project promotes user participation where new watchers for other types of data can be created.


Photon is an open-source project written in Python and has become incredibly popular. It is just like a data-driven tool and its primary function ensures that the workflows using Ansible go right on track. Curious about Ansible? By considering it as a hyperactive assistant used for the management and automation of computer systems, you should know this. Photon is therefore considered a quick detective purely engineered for OSI types of missions. It uses the Python programming language, a fast and swift way of traversing information. Therefore, to put it briefly, Photon can be described as a kind of high-tech detective that makes use of Python for collecting data from different sources and implementing Ansible.


MediaCMS is an advanced open-source solution that enables media content management and videos. It provides a flexible system for today’s World Wide Web, which makes viewing and sharing different materials incredibly comfortable. Powered by modern technologies such as Django and React, MediaCMS offers a REST API to facilitate smooth communications. Whether you want a small video hub or one that is bigger, it will only take minutes to set up.

Ever Gauzy:

Since most developers are novices working in Node.js yet, Ever Gauzy is a convenient tool and resource for simplifying people’s work time management It enables monitoring teams, controlling working hours, and evaluating work performance. This application is constructed using React and ReactNative (Expo) which it aggregates with Ever Gauzy Platform APIs to work seamlessly.


The e-commerce project Skateshop is Next.js 13-based, making it suitable for beginners. It is an online tool for skate gear customization. With advanced tools such as server actions and drizzle ORM, Skateshop shows users the latest trends while issuing a warning for future changes.


Tinode Instant Messaging Server is a grand project aimed at changing the realm of instant messengers, especially mobile ones. Using XMPP as a reference, it seeks to develop a messaging system that will allow for super-private communications. This means that governments have a hard time tracking or blocking your messages so chatting becomes like talking, but it is charged with the superpowers of privacy.


Akaunting is a niche tool designed for small businesses and freelancers. It’s a free, open platform that serves like your personal accountant wizard. With the latest gadgets for handling business financial themes, Akaunting uses advanced technologies such as Laravel, VueJS Tailwind, and RESTful API. This personal accounting playground can be further modified by users and developers due to its modular nature.

Top Ways to Find Open Source Project As A Beginner

To all the beginners out there! If you’re eager to contribute to open-source projects but aren’t sure where to begin, here’s a helpful tip: concentrate on the problems, not the projects. Some project maintainers mark issues with labels such as “good first issue” “help wanted” or “up for grabs,” to indicate the task is appropriate for beginners. It is possible to find such tags across various projects or check whether your selected project has any of them. Some sites also collect work, which is needed help and even your way to find possible tasks easily.

Here are some other ways to discover open-source projects:

● Check the “awesome-for-beginners” Repo on GitHub: This repository collects projects labeled beginner-friendly and categorizes them by programming language or technology. It is a very detailed source of projects that are easy for beginners to use.

● Explore GitHub’s Popular Repositories: GitHub Explore is a good first stop. It highlights trending and popular repositories with the ability to filter by topics, language collection, and more. You will also be able to notice the stars and followers of other developers.

● Search GitHub Topics: Specify GitHub topics or phrases to find repositories. But you can search directly or browse categories, filtering by ratings, forks, significance, and date. For instance, visit if you are interested in web development topics.

● Check Tech Job Platforms: Companies that have close links to the open-source community began as repositories on platforms such as GitHub. Seek postings by companies actively contributing to open source through job platforms that focus on the tech sector. This may supply information about organizations that appreciate their open-source contributions and can provide chances to work on fascinating tasks while helping the community.

In pursuing such paths, you may not only uncover a satisfying open source project to contribute towards but also unearth career opportunities with firms firmly entrenched in the world of open source.

Final Thoughts

Computer Science has been revolutionized by Open-source software. It has fostered a vibrant developer community who practice their hobby and earn from it all at the same time. Open source projects are a critical part of the information transition from novice to expert user, hence forming an irreplaceable tool for future programmers.

Gold mines for young programmers are such platforms as GitHub and OpenSourceCollection. For newcomers, it is the right place where one can engage with peers in active contributions to learning. There are projects aimed at beginners and massive repositories packed with complicated concepts giving newcomers a great deal of chances. Take advantage of such opportunities to learn and build experience as a developer.


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