The Top 5 Best Weapons in CODM Season 2

The latest season of Call of Duty Mobile is here and there are quite a few changes to the current meta that you should take advantage of to dominate the game. Season 2: Lunar Dragon is well underway and there are some clear standout weapons you should try out this season!

While tier lists are always up to interpretation, it really does depend on your skill and preferences when it comes to guns in a game like this, so keep that in mind before we get started. 

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That said, here are the top 5 best weapons to use in Call of Duty Mobile in Season 2! 

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The tried-and-true M13 got a pretty big buff for Season 2 of CODM which increases its base damage and also increases range in the Battle Royale game mode. 

The M13 was already a beast when it comes to taking down enemies with headshots but with the increased damage, time-to-kill when you’re missing shots to the head is significantly faster.

The gun also shoots crazy fast with a high rate of fire but it doesn’t suffer from absurdly bad recoil so it’s incredibly stable in a gunfight. Plus, the increased damage is a great buff for the gun, making it one of the top options for Season 2. 


Similarly, the DR-H assault rifle also received a pretty big buff as it now features an increased head damage multiplier in the Multiplayer game mode. The DR-H is a great gun for mid-long-range encounters because of its high damage but absurdly high recoil. 

It’s been kind of inconsistent in terms of damage but with the new headshot multiplier, it should be easier to take down enemies, as long as you can master the gun’s erratic spray pattern. 


The SKS marksman rifle has been one of the top performers in CODM for a while now for good reason. 

It’s a solid damage dealer, almost on par with marksman sniper rifles but it shoots faster, you have better mobility, and a larger mag. Plus, it can be two-shot to the chest which is insane for the marksman class rifles.

This is a great weapon if you’re into fighting from range rather than rushing in and even though it didn’t receive any buffs/nerfs this season, it’s a solid semi-automatic rifle that holds its own well. 


The QQ9 is a fully automatic submachine gun that has a stable spray pattern and impressive range. This submachine gun is a beast, especially in close-mid-range combat, and can easily four-shot in close-quarters combat. 

What makes the QQ9 such a deadly weapon is its incredibly high rate of fire and stability. It isn’t the highest damage dealer but as long as you can land one shot, the rest will follow for a quick time to kill. 

Type 19 

The Type 19 assault rifle is the latest addition to Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 and it’s a formidable option. It isn’t the most powerful damage dealer but it has a great balance of damage, range, and a high fire rate to mitigate the difference. 

It isn’t the steadiest shot, but it’s an overall well-rounded weapon to take into battle.

It works well in both mid-long-range encounters as long as you land your shots. Plus, since it’s the newest gun added to Call of Duty Mobile, it’s sure to be one of the top options for the foreseeable future. 

That’s our list of the top 5 best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile Season 2! Some are clearly more dominant right now while others are in the meta solely because they’re still great weapons to use, but it really depends on your playstyle and preferences. 

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