Your Complete Guide to Investing in An Affordable Real Estate Property In Dubai

In Dubai, there are at least 8.4 million expatriates as per research. These expatriate do not want to spend their money on any investment in Dubai due to high down payment rates. People are not well aware of the Dubai real estate market, which is a big issue they face. It also includes a job security factor.

Because of Expo 2020, many investment facilities in Dubai have been opened for its investors. In this article, we will be discussing the guidelines on how to invest in Dubai in terms of buying property at handsome prices

Buy Property through Monthly Pay:

A specific basic amount in AED  is an essential pay requirement every month to purchase any property in Dubai.  The investor should also know that the 25% down payment is necessary at the start of buying the property. Other than this, there are some additional charges applied also. If your earning is more than 15,000 AED in a month and you have not been included in any loan facility, then you are eligible to get a home loan which is upto 25 years.

Option for Investment Loan

Initially, 25 percent is necessary to pay as a down payment for the expatriates, whereas the locals in Dubai will get an advantage by paying only 20 percent. The remaining amount can be disposed of from the bank.

The bank will send a consultant for the valuation of the property before it gets cleared for a housing loan through a bank (it will cost approx. 3,000 AED). It totally depends on the bank how much interest is charged. It is usually between the range of 2.99 to 5 percent. An additional fee of 1 percent of the loan amount is also chargeable as a bank mortgage fee.

Here is another point that is mandatory in terms of housing loans, and that is life insurance. The pricing strategy for this varies depending on the age and medical condition of the investor. Once everything is approved, service charges need to be paid, which will cover electricity, fumigation, cleaning, and insurance for the building.  

The Process to Purchase Real Estate Property

The procedure to purchase Dubai’s property lies under DLD (Dubai Land Department). A real estate agency will charge a percentage fee of the property’s value; the Dubai Land Department will charge a percentage as a transfer fee, The percentage needs to be paid by the buyer and seller both. For the title, 250 AED needs to be paid by the buyer.

Always go for a small property in terms of buying. Dubai is one of the outstanding investment opportunities for investors. All of these different locations have the best living standards.



Dubai so far is the best Country to invest your money with handsome returns. Before investing, make sure you have a proper idea or guideline. The process takes time, but it guarantees your secure money. Find the best Meraas villas for sale in Dubai through expert and experienced real estate agents.


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